Messages from International Students

Fashion Business Course


Yun Kang Nam is a student from Korean who faces everything in a positive manner regardless of the type of class that he has to take or the type of people he has to meet. He is currently learning about plenty of things related to the fashion world in the fashion business department while working hard to achieve his one and only dream.

Fashion Creation Course


After enrolling at Mf&ac, Cheng Kun who came from China learns in full motivation about techniques and skills related to fashion through Mf&ac’s original curriculum. Cheng Kun told us that she would feel touched every time during Mf&ac’s very own events that can never be experienced during normal classes.

Fashion Creation Course


Bhujel Samiksha is a student who came to Japan all the way from Nepal just to achieve her dreams. Her truthful and honest character helps to brighten up the day at Mf&ac, not just her fellow students, but also involving the teachers as well.

Fashion Creation Course


Gantuya Amartaivan, a student from Mongolia at Mf&ac with her teachers’ warm guidance she is enjoying her student life at Mf&ac every day. So, what are the warm traditions of Mf&ac that fascinate many foreign students including Amartaivan herself?