To international students

Serving as a fashion school for the last 75 years since its founding in 1938, Mejiro Fashion & Art College (MF&AC) has always reflected new ideas in the curriculum to meet the needs of the age while respecting tradition.
To date, MF&AC has sent over 35,000 people into the fashion industry.

Tokyo governor-accredited fashion school

MF&AC is a fashion school (specialised in training fashion related design&business), which has been accredited in accordance with the School Education Act. Those who complete the two-year course will be granted a specialist degree, which is the title authorized by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

A finely tuned guidance system in small class sizes

Since its founding, MF&AC has been teaching students in small class sizes of twenty to forty students per class to ensure a finely tuned guidance system. By adopting subject-based teacher assignments, the distance between teachers and students is reduced, so that the students are given guidance based on their individual characteristics, depth of understanding, and career goals. Another benefit is that students are taught in a class with like-minded peers who encourage each other.

A team of professional teachers who are active in the industry.

From designers playing an active part in Tokyo Collection and merchandisers of popular brands in Shibuya 109 to an active designer of renowned European brand, all of the teachers at MF&AC are professionals actively working in the fashion industry.
In an educational environment of small class sizes, courses are taught by an excellent team of teachers who are passionate and dedicated to teaching fashion.

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