Designed to learn fashion from the basics to the advanced in small class sizes.

  • 01A well-balanced study of both aspects of the theory and technique
    Centering on practical training, the course offers a number of subjects for gaining business knowledge, such as marketing, besides patternmaking, sewing technique, and design drawing, so that students can study extensively and have more career choices. The classes are taught by experienced professionals from the industry. Additionally, small class sizes allow students to receive tailored guidance and learn at their own pace, spontaneously.
  • 02Intended to ensure the acquisition of skills useful in the future
    The classrooms are equipped with a full line of the latest facilities, such as CAD and Mac computers, to allow students to steadily acquire design and patternmaking techniques. MF&AC boasts a high examination pass rate of in the second and third level of patternmaking skill exam. Additionally, the special educational course invites industry leaders several times a year to provide students with the opportunity to hear a useful lecture for the future.
  • 03Offering plenty of opportunities for students to participate in shows and introduce their work
    The course offers students to take part in on-campus events and off-campus competitions so that people see their work on many occasions while in school. In particular, during an annual fashion show, students who are selected can exhibit their work at the Spiral Hall* and present the outcome of what they have learned thus far in the event.
    *Data from 2010 to 2015. The venue is subject to change each school year.

Acquirable skills

Intended to learn how to do patternmaking
Patterns are very much like a blueprint for making clothes. Students learn to create two-dimensional drawings, which designs are created by drawing a line on a piece of paper on the desk, and learn draping techniques, which garments are created by pinning fabrics directly on a mannequin, and cutting fabrics to make designs with the goal of creating their original patterns.
Designed to learn the flow of planning, production, and sales through hands-on training.
This course allows students to keep practicing in a practical setting of the apparel industry to develop their skills. Through presentations and role-playing exercises, students learn comprehensively from product planning, trend analysis, production, and sales management.
Designed to master the technique of fashion design drawing
By utilizing various types of materials tools, students practice drawing designs by contemplating proportional details, materials, and color plans to draw up a proposal. Also, they apply their work in a design competition with the goal of mastering the method of visual expression.
For acquiring the basic sewing technique
The course aims to equip students with the techniques of basic sewing, partial sewing, machine-sewing, and ironing so that they learn to sew garments from skirts, blouses, trousers, clothes made from jersey cloth, skirts with underlining to jackets and eventually their original work with the goal of stepping up to an advanced technique in small steps.
Designed to prepare students to the information technology and computerization in the fashion industry
In addition to the operations of design software for creating layouts and graphics on Mac computers and CAD, students learn proposal writing and textile design with the goal of firmly acquiring the IT skills required in the current fashion industry.

Acquirable qualifications

  • Patternmaking Skill Exam
  • Fashion Business Performance Exam
  • Color Exam, supported by MEXT
  • Formal Style Specialist Exam
  • Dressmaking Skill Exam
  • Apparel Sales Skill Exam
  • Assistant Teacher’s License
  • Teacher’s License

Career and job opportunities after graduation

  • Designer
  • Pattern maker
  • Sewing technician
  • Fashion advisor
  • Stylist
  • Sales
  • Press
  • Buyer
  • Shop manager