Designed to learn a higher level of contents under the guidance of excellent teachers.

  • 01A year of learning about the fashion business in more depth.
    This course is designed for students who have basic knowledge and who wish to further deepen their understanding of the fashion industry. Students are repeatedly exposed to full-blown discussions and presentations to experience actual business scenes with the aim of cultivating their leadership skills, cooperativeness, and communication ability so that they attain industry-ready skills.
  • 02A team of top-level teachers who are active on the frontline of the fashion industry.
    The course is taught by teachers who are widely active on the frontline of the fashion industry both domestically and internationally. Some of the teachers are fashion journalists and fashion photographers. Students are also given the opportunity to tour Tokyo Collection with them.
  • 03Through wide-ranging learning sessions, students can acquire planning ability and initiative.
    The course allows students to acquire the knowledge necessary in the field of the fashion business through a lecture-style class.
    In order to understand a variety of business scenes, including product planning, sales strategy, public relations, and sales promotion, students visit companies and actual job sites. The curriculum is entirely based on practical learning.

Acquirable skills

For learning to analyze how major designers think.
Using the collections of the world’s renowned designers as study materials, students understand the way they think toward work and fashion. In order to learn the difference with the latest collections, students actually visit and observe Tokyo Collection.
Intended to understand the whole picture from product planning to sales.
The course helps students gain an understanding of the series of procedures from brand marketing survey, development of product plans, and the formulation of market strategies to the tasks of sales promotion. Students also visit companies to actually understand the framework of specific product development.
Designed to learn how to make a purchase and craft sales strategies.
The course allows students to expand their knowledge of purchasing activities, figure management, trade negotiation, sales planning, sales floor management, and customer management in a retail store. Students learn about the roles of retail merchandisers (a person in charge of purchasing and sales) and their specific job tasks.
For the acquirement of research and analysis skills
This class allows students to learn about the ideas and approaches of marketing to acquire the ability to conduct market surveys and information analyses. Students nurture the ability to be insightful and gain the analytical ability to read the direction of trends for the next era with the aim of increasing sensitivity to the fashion industry.
Designed to learn PR and sales promotion in a practical setting.
The important elements for people working in sales promotion, such as press and PR, are how they can publicize and advertise their brands. Students also study the approaches of how the image of products and brands are developed and then take on the challenge of the production of catalogs.

Acquirable qualifications

  • Merchandiser
  • Stylist
  • Press
  • Sales
  • Production control specialist
  • Shop manager
  • Buyer
  • Magazine editor