Designed to learn practical skills from excellent teachers who are active members in the industry.

  • 01The coursework corresponding to various types of business-related jobs
    In this course, students master the basics of fashion and study marketing and merchandising to acquire business knowledge through simulations. It encompasses various fields of the fashion business from planning, production, purchasing, management, sales to public relations. Students have the opportunity to launch an online store while in school to understand the flow of forefront fashion business.
  • 02A special educational course aims to allow students to learn industry trends
    This course invites industry leaders who are active members of the field, including fashion journalist who is active in Paris and New York, designer who launched one’s own brand and a renowned merchandiser. Students also take part in extracurricular classes and visit museums.
  • 03A full line of career support by acquiring industry’s manners and knowledge
    In order for students to play an active role as a professional in the fashion business field, the acquisition of industry’s manners and knowledge plays a critical part, which is why the course offers a full line of subjects for students to attain these elements. In addition, students have the opportunity to attend career guidance workshops that invite personnel from human resources department of the fashion company and internships (intern training) while in school with the aim of promoting a better understanding toward work and winning a job.

Acquirable skills

Re-creation of an actual job site through head-to-toe styling and photo shoots.
Students learn to style from head to toe from the purchase of clothes and accessories to doing the hair and makeup.
The classroom recreates an actual job site, where a professional photographer takes still photographs, to provide students with a practical experience of intensive class work comprehensively.
Aimed at grasping a complete view of the job as an industry.
Students are exposed to various methods of marketing theories and market surveys to learn about the fashion industry through the observation of actual shops in downtown to identify consumer trends with the goal of understanding the effectiveness of market surveys in an enjoyable way.
Designed to learn the flow of planning, production, and sales through hands-on training.
This course allows students to keep practicing in a practical setting of the apparel industry to develop their skills.
Through presentations and role-playing exercises, students learn comprehensively from product planning, trend analysis, production, and sales management.
For understanding the planning, production, and operation of a web business.
The course aims to equip students with the understanding of overall web contents production to master industry-ready skills necessary to operate online fashion business, which has been extensively utilized today. It covers from the basics to contents development, planning, production, and operation.
Designed to learn business methods including brand development
As a compilation of the practical-type education, students are taught by active members of the fashion business field to learn about the development of fashion brand, from practical methods of store development planning, showing, displaying, web production to sales promotion methods.

Acquirable qualifications

  • Acquirable qualifications
  • Fashion Business Performance Exam
  • Apparel Sales Skill Exam
  • Color Exam, supported by MEXT
  • Formal Style Specialist Exam
  • Assistant Teacher’s License
  • Teacher’s License

Career and job opportunities after graduation

  • Stylist
  • Buyer
  • Fashion advisor
  • Shop sales representative
  • Shop manager
  • Merchandiser
  • Press
  • Planner
  • Sales
  • Production control specialist
  • Magazine editor