Intensive curriculum teaches students efficiently.

  • 01Efficient acquisition of the knowledge and skills in sales in one year
    The goal is to attain knowledge and skills necessary for fashion advisors efficiently in one year. Aiming to be employed after a year, the course offers a full line of support, such as career guidance workshops and internships, so that students improve their ability to satisfy clients with professional-level knowledge and become active members on the frontline of apparel sales.
  • 02Extensive subjects for attaining knowledge necessary for retail sales force
    Students learn about not only sales but also necessary product knowledge, purchasing, sales techniques, and displays necessary to be active members as a buyer and merchandiser.
    The curriculum also comes with a variety of classes to study computers, hair and makeup, and photo shootings.
    Students are taught by experts who are well versed in the industry to ensure effective learning.
  • 03A host of extracurricular lessons for students to look and feel with their own eyes
    The course also offers a full line to extracurricular lessons from a shop survey where students can visit newly opened shops and trendy retail outlets, off-campus studies for practicing fashion coordinate by dressing up to match the time, place and occasions and other classes for developing their refinement. There are also classes to prepare students with the Apparel Sales Skill Exam, etc.

Acquirable skills

Designed to master the skills of sales and customer service.
The important job for fashion advisors is to sell products in stores to increase sales. Students practice how to provide product information, fashion advice, alteration, wrapping and check-out operation in a setting close to closing store.
Intended to learn about the method of staging sales floors.
The important element in working as a retail sales force is how to stage sales floors to maximize appeals. Students learn how to make the stage that excites customers with lighting, space, display racks for products and the arrangement of mannequins.
Designed to offer the understanding of overall apparel products
Using actual products, students are taught specialized terms, which are the common language, details, sizing, materials, quality labels, and the characteristics of items, which constitute the basic knowledge necessary to work on the frontlines in the fashion industry.
Intended to master the fashion coordinate skills
Students are introduced to the importance of coordinates and then practice the coordinate of items to match the seasons, occasions and colors using actual clothes and mannequins with a set theme, aiming to increase the coordinate skills for comprehensively.
Designed to master the technique of bringing out the charm of models
Students become familiar with the basics of hair styling and makeup, which are the key elements in complimenting fashion, and then study base makeup, eye and lip makeup technique and the difference in hair and makeup according to themes through actual practice.

Acquirable qualifications

  • Acquirable qualifications
  • Apparel Sales Skill Exam
  • Fashion Business Performance Exam
  • Color Exam, supported by MEXT
  • Formal Style Specialist Exam

Career and job opportunities after graduation

  • Fashion advisor
  • Shop sales representative
  • Stylist
  • Sales
  • Shop manager
  • Buyer
  • Merchandiser
  • Press