Designed to master the technique of designing handbags and accessories

  • 01Designed to master the knowledge and technique of fashion accessories
    This course teaches students to create major fashion items such as handbags, shoes, hats, rings, and necklaces.
    Through practical classes to learn drawing, patternmaking (patterns) and the selection of materials, students become familiar with sewing and metal processing technique. Not only simply creating work, it also aims to understand a series of process from proposal preparations and presentations to convey their ideas to others.
  • 02An extensive study from production, sales, distribution to trading.
    To prepare students to be active on actual job sites after graduation, the course aims to go beyond production and deepen their understanding of the behind-the-scenes section of the industry. As there are various processes before a product reaches the hand of customers, it is important to have vast knowledge of sales, distribution, and import/export of products and materials in a retail setting, allowing students to gain wide-ranging specialized knowledge.
  • 03The opportunity of publishing original work and receive feedback!
    The course provides students with the opportunity to present their work in a fashion show, as well as to plan their own brand and create clothing to display and sell to the public at an event exhibition. Additionally, students can take on the challenge of taking part in external competitions, planned exhibitions, and fashion shows. It also teaches students to create handbags, shoes, and hats using leather. They can visit a leather manufacture and handbag design studio while in the second year, they go on a trip to New York for overseas training.

Acquirable skills

Understanding the entire picture surrounding fashion accessories
From the product range, basic knowledge, product planning, distribution, history and trends of fashion accessories, the course aims to allow students to grasp the whole picture of the fashion accessory business.
For learning how to create original handbags
From planning, design, patternmaking, material choice, and actual creation work, students are introduced to the basic knowledge of creating handbags. They are taught by a teacher who used to work in a handbag manufacture to develop skills.
Designed to actually create original shoes
Students become familiar with the basic knowledge of footwear structures, production methods, and the characteristics of materials. They learn how to create original shoes by using tools and equipment so that they can make their own design by hand while incorporating a number of elements for crafting.
Intended to master the technique of sewing and fabrication
It teaches students with the sewing technique required for creating various products from small items and fashion goods to everyday goods, such as handbags, accessories, belts, neckties, and purses, as well as the fabrication technique of leathers and precious metals.
Designed to acquire
the basic technique
of drawing
Students brush up their skills in observing objects and use their observations to develop designs and simultaneously cultivate drawing skills for turning inspirations into shape. Various drawing instruments are utilized to learn how to express using colors and materials.

Acquirable qualifications

  • Acquirable qualifications
  • Fashion Business Performance Exam
  • Apparel Sales Skill Exam
  • Formal Style Specialist Exam
  • Color Exam, supported by MEXT

Career and job opportunities after graduation

  • Handbag designer
  • Accessary designer
  • Hat designer
  • Shoe designer
  • Planner
  • Shop sales representative
  • Buyer
  • Shop manager
  • Shop owner
  • Press