Designed to learn the production of high-level apparel designs under the guidance of professional teachers.

  • 01A year of mastering a higher level of technique
    This course is designed for students who completed the Fashion Creation Course and those who wish to learn a higher level of technique in one year. Students master specialized knowledge in industrial patternmaking, draping and the handling of special materials and then create apparel designs requiring a higher level of technique with the goal of professional skills demanded by the fashion industry.
  • 02The goal is to attain the second level of Patternmaking Skill Exam.
    The clothing of higher quality requires patternmaking with attentiveness to details. With the main focus on industrial patternmaking, students study apparel making by following the actual process used in apparel companies, with the goal of attaining the second level of Patternmaking Skill Exam.
  • 03Designed to master the professional-level technique from a prestigious teacher from abroad
    Students are taught apparel production on a one-to-one basis by a visiting teacher from overseas who possesses exceptional skills in draping and has a strong record of developing renowned designers around the world. The course is offered in a small class size, just like an artist’s atelier. It encourages students to engage in a creative activity with freewheeling thinking to ensure the acquisition of advanced skills.

Acquirable skills

Learning from the basics to the advanced level of apparel making
After learning the basics of design drawing and patternmaking, students aim to achieve a higher level of apparel making in pursuit of beautiful form and functionality. Through the making of original works under a certain theme and image, as well as materials, the goal is to increase the ability of expressing their own ideas.
For mastering the technique of draping using a mannequin
Students are taught to acquire the skills to accurately express the imaged form in draping. While draping using a mannequin is particularly challenging, it aims to improve the draping technique in a stepwise fashion with due consideration to materials and details.
Patternmaking aided by computer
CAD is computer aided design software that enables creating patterns effectively. Students understand the technique actually used by apparel companies with the aim of practically acquiring specialized knowledge in entering and expanding patterns, adding seam allowance, and marking.
Aiming to improving design skills by understanding materials
Students learn how to use graphic software used in the fashion industry to improve their design skills. By understating the characteristics of various materials, the student aims to attain CG techniques to express the texture and design, as well as to produce original patterns.
Designed to gain a better understanding of ready-to-wear clothes
Students study the patterns used in the production sites of ready-to-wear clothing in the apparel industry, which take into consideration of quality and reasonableness. Students gain the knowledge to understand the production system of ready-to-wear actually used in the industrial production line, including production process and methods.

Acquirable qualifications

  • Acquirable qualifications
  • Second Level Patternmaking Skill Exam
  • Apparel Sales Skill Exam
  • Fashion Business Performance Exam
  • Dressmaking Skill Exam
  • Color Exam, supported by MEXT
  • Assistant Teacher’s License

Career and job opportunities after graduation

  • Designer
  • Patternmaker
  • Sewing technician
  • Fashion advisor
  • Stylist
  • Sales
  • Press
  • Buyer
  • Shop manager